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Bradshaw’s Guide


This place is celebrated for it race course on the Heath (nearly 2 miles in circuit), with a Royal Grand Stand, two stables, large coach house, commodious weighing houses, &c., all constructed by the Duke of Cumberland. The sport at these races is first-rate. They are generally attended by the Royal Family in state, and the elite of the court, nobility, and fashion of England.

Twenty years ago Ascot Heath was as wild a district as any in Great Britain, with hardly a house visible from it but the Royal Kennels, and an apology for a race stand. Now the buildings appropriated to the turf form a little city of Olympian palaces, the most complete range of racing Chateaux extant. The sport, too, is indeed worthy of being set before a Sovereign. On most occasions there are upwards of thirty races, some of them bringing together the best horses in the land, and the whole generally go off with considerable éclat.

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