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Bradshaw’s Guide


The town is about half a mile from the station. The Minster, or Collegiate Church, 180 feet long, is a most interesting relic of antiquity, said to have been erected between the years 705 and 723. The whole building has a cathedral-like appearance, and consists of a nave, choir, and transepts. Amongst the illustrious dead whose ashes repose within its walls, are those of king Ethelred, whose remains are said to have been interred here. One of its effigies is supposed to represent King Alfred’s brother. There are also monuments to two of De Foe’s daughters, and some lines by Prior on that of Ettriche the antiquary. The tithes are worth nearly £3,000 a year.

The station of Wimborne is at the base of an embankment; it is built, like most of the others on this line, of red brick, with dressings of yellow brick, in the Tudor style of architecture.

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