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Bradshaw’s Guide


Cirencester is one of the greatest marts in England for wool. The magnificence of the church in this place entitles it to rank amongst the first in the kingdom. Here throe Roman roads meet, and from the variety of Roman coins, tessellated pavement, and other antiquities found in the neighbourhood, it seems to have covered a much wider area than at present.

Cirencester was formerly fortified, and the ruins of the walls and streets may still be seen in the adjacent meadows.

Distances of Places from the Station
To: Miles.
Barnsley Park 5
Beggar’s Down 6
Bownham House 8
Cherrington Grove 7
Cirencester Abbey
Down House
Foss Cross 6
Hill House 4
Lypiatt Park 8
Malmesbury 8
Misserden Park 7
Northleach 10
Penbury Park 4
Rendcomb Park 5
Rendon Park 5
Sapperton Park 3
Stroud 2

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