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Bradshaw’s Guide


Stroud is a market, town, situated near the confluence of the river Frome and the Slade Water. Woollen cloth forms the staple, manufacture of the town and its environs. Returns two members to Parliament.

Distances of Places from the Station
To: Miles.
Bownham House 2
Creed Place
Frodmore 2
Hill House 5
Hock’s House 6
Horns, The 1
Hyde Court 3
King’s Stanley 3
Lypiatt Park Here Guy Fawkes met the Plotters 2
Minchinhampton 3
Misserden Park 5
Nimpsfield 4
Painswick 3
Penbury Park 6
Quedgeley House 6
Rodborough 1
Stancomb Cross 3
Standish House
Tuffiey Court 5
Whitcomb Park 6
Woodchester 2

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