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Bradshaw’s Guide

Alum Bay

The cliffs on one side are white, and on the other are curiously variegated with strata of ochre, fuller’s earth, grey and white sand, &c. Here large prawns are found. The cliffs gradually fall to Gary’s Sconce, where a strong fort is being constructed. Copperas stones, lignite, or wood coal, alum, pipe day, shells, and fossils are discovered in this quarter of the Island.

Distances of Places from Freshwater Gate
To: Miles.
Alum Bay Arched Rock (600 feet)
Cary’s Stone A Fort has been erected here. 2
Light House 715 feet above the level of the sea.
Neptune’s Cave 200 feet.
Neshanter Cave
Parsonage, The Birth place of Dr. Hook, the philosopher. 2
Scratchell’s Cave 2

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