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Bradshaw’s Guide


Newport, the capital of the Island, a clean, well built, country town, in a hollow, on the river Medina which divides the Island nearly in halves. Cracknell biscuits are manufactured here; but Cowes is the real place where they were first made. Population 8,047. It sends two members to parliament. Town Hall built 1816, by Nash. Old church, in which Charles I.‘s daughter Elizabeth is buried. Large House of Industry for the Island, on the Cowes road; not far from the Albany barracks, whither recruits are sent for exercise, and the Parkhurst Reformatory for boys.

Distances of Places from Newport
To: Miles.
Albany Barracks ½
Alvington 2
Barton Point 4
Carisbrooke 1
Carisbrooke Castle Built before the Conquest
Carisbrooke Church
Carisbrooke Priory, Ruins of 1
Church, Old Tomb of Charles First’s daughter, Princess Elizabeth ¼
King’s Forest ½
Kite Hill 5
Node Hill Monument to Tyerman the Missionary, and lines by Montgomery 2
Norris Castle ½
Park Cross 4
Parkhurst Reformatory Institution ½
Thorness 4
West Cowes 5
Wootton and Bridge

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