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Bradshaw’s Guide


Old village, Shanklin, Isle of Wight, England. Taken between ca. 1890 and ca. 1900. Original: Library of Congress

This beautiful retreat is hid away among trees and corn-fields in summer, and is close to a chine or gash in the cliff, filled in with shrubs and trees, with a good beach for bathing and walking on below. Cook’s Castle, a ruined tower, 2 miles to the right. The road winds over the bold headland of Dunnose, with Shanklin Down on one side, 780 ft. high, Luccombe Chine on the other. Notice the views of Sandown Bay and the country behind you. Upon descending, the first glimpse of Undercliff appears on the right, looking something like the entrance to Matlock, while the broad blue stretches away to the left.

Distances of Places from Shanklin
To: Miles.
Allen 2
Beacon (Shanklin) 1
Bonchurch 3
Boniface Down ¼
Brenston 2
Cook’s Castle 2
Great Kennedy 4
Horse Ledge ½
Langard 1
Luccombe Chine 1
Shanklin Chine ½
Steephill Cove 2
Wroncate 2

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