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Bradshaw’s Guide


The ancient Aegelesford, a population of 2,057, employed in the hop gardens. Here the Saxons under Hengist and Horsa were defeated by the Britons under Vortimer, A.D. 455. but Catigem, his brother was killed, and to whose memory is said to have been erected the remarkable cromlech, popularly called Kit’s Coty House, still to be seen one mile N.E. from the village. In the year 1016 the Danes were pursued hither by Edmund Ironside. There is an excellent Free Grammar School. The Church, beautifully situated on an eminence, is an ancient foundation, and contains brasses of the Colepeppers, Rycants, and Sedleys (the Poet of Charles the Second was of this family, and reside here). Close to the Medway to the west are the remains of the Carmelite Friary, founded by Lord Grey of Codnor, A.D. 1240, made habitable by restorations and additions at various times, and now the seat of the Earl of Ayleslbrd. The celebrated traveller, Rycant, was born here, 1628. In the vicinity are Boxley Abbey (1¾ miles) Lady Finch, and West Malling (3 miles) with the remains of its Benedictine Nunnery, a beautiful specimen of Norman architecture. At St. Leonard’s, a tower 71 feet high, the remains of its ancient chapel. Bradbourne House, (2 miles). Allington (2 miles), with its old castle, which was the seat of Sir Thomas Wyatt, the scholar of Henry Eighth’s day, and his son, who suffered for treason against Queen Mary. Preston Hall (1 mile).

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