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A small English county, bordering on the principality of Wales, which, in point of fertility, picturesque scenery, and historic, remains, is the most interesting district, in proportion to its size, of any in the kingdom. The general aspect of this county is inviting, both from its diversity and fertility. A continual recurrence of hill and dale, wood and water, corn fields and meadows; the sublimity of wildly magnificent, and the beauty of mild and cultivated, scenery, combine to delight the eye of the beholder at every turn he takes in this district. Nor is the air less congenial to health than the face of the country is interesting to view. The river Wye. which runs through this county, is celebrated for its picturesque scenery. The peculiar characteristic of this beautiful river are its sinuous course, the uniformity of its breadth, and the variegated scenery on its banks. So considerable is its serpentine course, that the distance from Ross to Chepstow, which is not seventeen miles in a direct line, is by water forty-three. The effects of this sinuosity are numerous, diversified, and striking; and they principally arise from two circumstances, the mazy course of the river, and the loftiness of its banks. In consequence of this, the views it exhibits are of the most beautiful kind of perspective. From the constant shifting of the foreground and side screens, the same objects are seen from a variety of sides, and in different points of view.

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