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This rich midland county takes its name from the city of Oxford, and contains 481,280 acres, divided into 14 hundreds, and 219 parishes, and possesses one city, and twelve market towns. It is an inland county, bounded on the east by Buckinghamshire, on the west by Gloucestershire. On the south, south-west and south-east its limits unite with those of Berkshire. The south-east part is hilly and woody, having a continuation of the Chiltern hills running through it; the north-west is also elevated and stony; and the middle is, in general, a rich country, watered by numerous streams, running from north to south, and terminating in the Thames. Of these the most considerable are, the Windrush, Evenlode, Cherwell, and Thame. The produce of this county is chiefly like that of most midland farming counties: much butter and cheese are made, and numerous calves are reared and fed for the London markets.

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