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Bradshaw’s Guide


Kingston-on-Railway, situated in a charming verdant cutting, is a new place which has sprung up in the course of a few years, from its vicinity to the railway station. It has a good street, and contains some elegant houses. The neighbouring Common is the spot on which took place the last straggle of the Royalists, in favour of Charles I., then a prisoner in Carisbrooke Castle.

Kingston-On-Thames, a mile beyond, is a market town of 9,790 inhabitants, built on the site of a Roman station, and for a time the favourite seat of the Wessex Kings, several of whom were crowned here. The very stone on which they were inaugurated is to be seen railed in, opposite the Town Hall, near Queen Anne’s statue. It is a block of Bath stone, three feet and a half long. From Kingston the line proceeds on an embankment for about five miles, affording some choice views of the richly wooded country by which this county is surrounded.

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