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An inland and fertile county, divided into South and North. The aspect of the former displays considerable beauty, as the principal valleys in this division of Wiltshire lie along the banks of the rivers, the most remarkable of which diverge, like irregular radii, from the country around Salisbury and Wilton; these display rich meadows and corn land, interspersed with towns, private residences, and extensive plantations of wood.

North Wiltshire differs completely from the southern division of the county. Instead of the gentle undulations of the south, it appears a complete level, and is so thickly wooded, that at a short distance it resembles one vast plantation of trees. When examined in detail, however, it is found to contain many fertile and richly cultivated spots. The chief commodities are sheep, wool, wood, and stone, and the principal manufactures are in the different branches of the clothing trade.

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