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Bradshaw’s Guide

Charing Cross and London Bridge to Woolwich, Gravesend, Strood and Rochester

North Kent Line

The North Kent line commences at New Cross, from which also a short line of about six miles runs down by Birkley Park to Chislehurst.

Lewisham (Junction)

Lewisham is a small village, in a beautiful situation on the high road to Sevenoaks and Tunbridge, and near the river Ravensbourne.


This heath is celebrated for many remarkable events that have been witnessed on it in former periods of our history.

From this station we can pass through a tunnel 1,680 yards long to arrive at


Charlton is a small village, most pleasantly situated, and remarkable for the numerous picturesque villas and residences it contains.

Pursuing our course we pass through two more tunnels, respectively 100 and 120 yards long, and arrive at

Woolwich Dock Station, a short distance from which is

Woolwich Arsenal Station.


Nearly all the interest connected with Woolwich is concentrated in the government establishments, which are acknowledged to be the finest in the world.

Plumstead Station.

Resuming our seat in the train, we proceed, skirting Plumstead marshes, the ordnance trial ground, to

Belvedere station.


Erith presents its picturesque church and wooded uplands to the right, and is a tempting village to loiter in when opportunity serves.


Dartford, built in a valley between two hills, derives its name from its situation on a ford of the River Darent.


Greenhithe Pier, 20 miles from London. Ingress Abbey, in the Gothic style, built with the stones of old London Bridge. The chalk-pits behind are pleasing. Gray’s Pier, where Fidler’s Reach and Northfleet Hope unite.


Northfleet has an ancient church, one of the largest in Kent, containing several monuments of interesting antiquity.


Gravesend is one of the most pleasantly situated, and most easily attained, of all the places thronged upon the margin of the Thames.

The first station from Gravesend is


Here is Mr. Charles Dicken’s Country House.

From Higham we pass through a tunnel, 1¼ mile long, under Higham Down, a chalky ridge. Emerging from which we arrive at


A bridge over the Medway, replacing the old bridge built in the reign of Rufus, recently demolished, joins this town with Rochester.

Maidstone Branch

Strood to Maidstone

On leaving Strood, the line, skirting the banks of the swift Medway, soon brings us to

Cuxton, or Cuckstone

This place contains a population of 441, who are engaged in the hop trade, beautiful crops of which are yearly obtained from this neighbourhood.

Proceeding through a magnificent hop country we arrive at


In the vicinity are Burham and Burling, in the church of which are buried many of the Sayes and Nevilles, to whom there are brasses.

Soon after leaving Snodland the train crosses the Medway, and we arrive at


The ancient Aegelesford, has a population of 2,057, employed in the hop gardens.

A bridge over the Medway, replacing the old bridge built in the reign of Rufus, recently demolished, joins this town with


This ancient borough town, having been a British town before the Roman invasion, stands in a rich vale on the banks of the Medway.


A parliamentary borough, returning one member, but best known for its naval dockyard, on a bend of the Medway.

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