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Bradshaw’s Guide

Dudley to Walsall, Derby, and Burton

South Staffordshire Railway


Dudley is a borough town in the county of Worcester. It received its name from a celebrated Saxon chieftain, who, as early as the year 700, built the Castle which commands the town.

On leaving Dudley, we pass the stations of Dudley Port, Great Bridge, and Wednesbury, and arrive at


This is a borough town, population 37,760, who return one member.

Passing Rushall station, we then reach


This is a celebrated mining place, with a population of 1,892.

Passing Brownhills, Hammerwich stations, we come to Lichfield.

Trent Valley Junction

At this point an important connection takes place with the main line of the London and North Western, enabling parties to go to almost any part, north or south, of England.


In the vicinity is Needwood Forest, belonging to the Duchy of Lancaster through King Henry IV.


In the vicinity is Catton Hall, seat of Lady Wilmot Horton.

Barton station.

Barton station.

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