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Bradshaw’s Guide

Hartlebury to Shrewsbury

Severn Valley Railway

Taking a north-westerly direction, this line runs via Stourport, a small town trading in glass, corn, timber, &c, to the town of


This place is situated on the Severn, which, by its navigation, contributes largely to its prosperity.

Arley, Highley, and Hampton Loade stations.


This is a considerable town, of about 6,240 inhabitants, situated on both sides of the Severn, the two parts being distinguished by the names of Upper and Lower, and connected by a noble bridge of six arches.

Linley and Coalport stations.

The latter station is the junction of a line to Hadley, station on the Shropshire Union line, a little to the east of Wellington.

Ironbridge station. – Following the course of the Severn, we next come to

Buildwas, where may be seen the almost perfect ruins of a Cistercian Abbey, on the southern bank of the river, built by Roger, Bishops of Chester, in the the twelfth century.

The Much Wenlock and Severn Junction line runs in a south westerly direction, a distance of 4½ miles to

Much Wenlock

A town of some importance, situated near the northern base of the Wenlock Edge, a range of limestone hills extending about 14 miles to the sonth-west.

Returning to Buildwas Junction we pass along a portion of the Wenlock Railway to


Situate in the north west angle of the parish of Madeley, about 14 miles from Shrewsbury, 5 from Wellington, and 6 from Shiffnal, with all of which places there is now railway communication.

A short line extends from this place through Madeley to Shiffnal, a place on the Great Western line from Wolverhampton to Shrewsbury.


Another seat of the Coalbrookdale Company’s operations.

Lawley Bank and Ketley stations, Wellington, the joint station of the Great Western and Shropshire Union railways, and terminus of the Wellington and Severn Junction.

Once more returning to Buildwas Junction, we pass on, via the stations of Cressage and Berrington, to the old parliamentary town of


This fine old capital of Shropshire, and parliamentary town, is 42 miles beyond Birmingham, 161¾ miles from London by the North Western (or 171 via Birmingham), and 171 by the Great Western.

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