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Bradshaw’s Guide

Highbridge to Glastonbury, Wells and Templecombe

The line proceeds through a country equally characterised by its luxuriant verdure as that about Highbridge, and crossing the river Brue, we pass through a short cutting which shuts out the prospect; but on emerging from this, and entering on an embankment, we again have a panoramic view of Arcadian villages, waving woods, and winding hedge-rows.

The stations on this line are those of Bason Bridge, Edington (a nice trip hence over the Panlet Ridge to Sedgemoor), Shapwick, Ashcott, stations of no particular note, and


This town, containing a population of 3,496, is situated near a high bill called the Tor, on which is a tower that serves for a sea mark.

We next, pass the stations of [West Peonaed][/stations/west-pennard], Pylle, Eyercreech, and Cole, and stop at


A small town on the river Cale, beautifully sheltered by shady woods. Here the first blood was shed in the revolution of 16S8, between the Prince of Orange and James’s adherents.

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