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Bradshaw’s Guide

Newport to Abergavenny and Hereford

Newport, Abergavenny and Hereford Railway

In ten minutes after leaving Newport we reach Pontnewydd, and in ten minutes more, the station of

Pontypool Road

Near is Pontypool Park, Hanbury. Leigh, Esq. This forms the junction with the Taff Vale Extension.

This forms the junction with the

Pontypool Road to Abergavenny

Passing the station of Nantyderry, or Goitre, we arrive at Penpergwm, near which is Llanover, the seat of Lord Llanover, and three miles to the right is Glytha. Proceeding along the valley of the Usk, we soon arrive at


This interesting old place, of 4,621 inhabitants, stands among the Monmouthshire Hills, near the Sugar Loaf, Blorenge, and other peaks.

Llanfihangel and Pandy.

St. Devereux and Tram Inn stations being passed, we shortly arrive at


Hereford, stands at a military Ford on the Wye, which King Harold protected by a castle, the site of which, at Castle Green, is now occupied by the Nelson Column.

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