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Bradshaw’s Guide

Stepney and Ilford to Tilbury and Southend

This line commences by a junction with the Blackwall at Stepney, and also with the Eastern Counties at Ilford. Passengers may book at either Bishopsgate or Fenchurch Street; but the latter affords greater facilities as to the number of departures. A few minutes only are occupied in passing the stations of Bromley, Plaistow, and East Ham, before arriving at the town of


Barking is a market town in the county of Essex, so called from a creek on which it is situated. The town is of considerable extent, and chiefly inhabited by fishermen, by whom the fish markets of London …

The route from Bishopsgate, via Ilford, unites here, when the trains proceed together, via Rainham, to

Purfleet. – Here are immense powder magazines belonging to Government; also Belvedere, seat of R. Webb, Esq.


The districts known by the names of East and West Tilbury are situated in the county of Essex, and the former is celebrated for its fort, which effectually protects the metropolis from the attack of any hostile fleet. Tilbury Fort …


The bend which the river makes here is called “The Hope”.

Pitsea and Benfleet stations.


The line of railway from Leigh to Southend – the continuation of the Tilbury line – is about 2½ miles in length. It has, owing to the situation of the two towns, been carried up a steep gradient the greater portion of the distance.…


A picturesque village in the county of Essex, situated at the mouth of the Thames, nearly opposite Sheerness. It has lately become known as a watering-place. Several handsome rows of houses have been erected, and bathing machines established. The …

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