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Bradshaw’s Guide

Willesden Junction to Kew

About one mile beyond Willesden Junction we cross the Great Western, and another mile brings us to the town of


Here Sir Mathew Hale, Bishop Lloyd, and Baxter lived. The old Catholic church is worth a visit.

Hampstead Branch

A short branch, 1¼ mile, turns off to the left here, by which the tourist is enabled to visit


The most remarkable object here is the Suspension Bridge, a light and elegant structure, 688 feet long and 20 feet wide, completed by Tierney Clarke in 1827, at a cost of about £80,000. A charge of a h…

Retracing our route to Acton, and pursuing our course onward a mile and a half, we are brought to our destination at


A picturesque village on the banks of the Thames, about seven miles from London, and one mile from Richmond. The palace contains a few pictures, but the gardens are the principal objects of attraction.

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